Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets is a collective made of pianist Irsa Destiwi, guitarist Robert Mulyarahardja, bassist Indrawan Tjhin and drummer Yusuf Shandy Satya. They all met each other for the first time in a jazz workshop in Jakarta circa late 2009. That meeting sparked an instant chemistry and soon they began to play together. With each member having different background- Irsa with her classical and music industry background, Robert and Indrawan with their jazz background, and Shandy with his raw talent- Shadow Puppets sets out to bring a fresh sound to the music scene in Indonesia.

Shadow Puppets’ compositions vary in styles, from straight up bebop to lyrical themes of homecoming, longing, and loved ones to folk inspired melodies, all thick with nuances and soulful improvisation.

Shadow Puppets has just released its debut mini album titled Extended Play. Featured are 4 original compositions by the band members, “Errands to Run”, “Monkisms”, “Yusuf Hamdani” and “Those Five Days”.

In November 2010, Shadow Puppets Quartet recorded their live performance at Birdcage which later to be their new album, Strings Attached Live at Birdcage and launched when they played Strings Attached Concert Series at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on June 2011. The album itself featured new arrangements with string quartet & new compositions, such as “Tree House”, “Our Own Little World”, “Pulang”, “Juwita”, “Avatara”, “The Problem Is Yours” and “The Journey”.

In July 2011, Shandy parts ways amicably with the Quartet and later in December Indrawan opts the same way. This makes Irsa and Robert carrying the legacy as Shadow Puppets with the help of various musicians.